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With decades of payroll experience, we know what is important to get right and how to achieve it.

Our customers typically look for three things from their payroll; accuracy and timeliness, insightful reporting, and smooth integration with other systems, like HR. We have a longstanding track record of helping organisations achieve these, an understanding of complex requirements, and the ability to deal with unexpected events.

We recognise that not all organisations have the same requirements, and that your needs will change and grow. With this in mind, we have developed a range of payroll services for you to choose from.

Ceridian materially improved our payroll accuracy and it improved both the service to our staff and reduced the amount of re-work dramatically.

Payroll Manager, International Retailer


  • You know your payroll will be in safe hands – in 2013 we were named best Payroll Provider by Payroll World for the second consecutive year.
  • We can support you for the long-term, as our services have the flexibility to adapt to your changing requirements.
  • Our customer service teams will always be on hand to offer a fast, helpful and professional response to any questions you have about your payroll.
  • You can utilise our excellent offshore team in Mauritius to further reduce your costs if you choose to outsource your payroll.


  • Our software has been delivered via a SaaS model for years so it is well established and proven.
  • No in-house IT installation or maintenance to manage.
  • Data stored securely and backed up with disaster recovery plans in place – whatever happens, your payroll will run as normal.
  • Our software is optimised for all web browsers and tablet devices.
  • Our technology platform was designed with security as its foundation and with availability, resilience, scalability and performance as its corner stones.
  • Highly configurable with over two million different combinations to suit your individual needs.
  • Legislation and functionality updates tested and released – you don’t have to worry about making changes, these are done automatically, meaning you’ll always be on the latest version of our software.
  • Self-service access to view payslips and P60 information.
  • Payroll integrated with HR, workforce management and auto-enrolment.
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