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Cutting down on CO2

Use our hints and tips to reduce your company's carbon footprint this year. If your the road to greener driving is up to uscompany runs a fleet of company cars, you probably already know that carbon emissions can vary greatly depending on the type of car in your fleet, the way it's driven, and even the fuel the cars use.

The following 5 recommendations will enable you to reduce CO2 emissions and will also improve your company's fuel economy:

  1. Drive slowly - cars achieve maximum fuel efficiency when travelling at 30-50 mph. Driving faster than 55mph could increase your fuel consumption by up to 15%.
  2. Drive smoothly – stop/start accelerating and breaking adds wear and tear to your car, and uses up more fuel. Accelerate gradually and anticipate stops.
  3. Change gears appropriately - At 2500rpm for petrol cars and 2000rpm for diesel cars. If you're travelling too fast for the gear you're in, you use more fuel than at the same speed in the right gear.
  4. Just get in and drive - modern engines do not need "warming up". In fact, this just wastes fuel, increases engine wear and increases CO2 emissions by half a kilo for every five minutes you are idle.
  5. Lighten your load – get rid of roof-racks and other heavy items unless you need them – youlose 1 or 2% in efficiency for every 50kg you haul.
  • 1st January 2008



Robert Green

Hello I am Having problems getting in to my payroll to print my
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Hi Robert,

If you are able to email the following address they will be able to assist with your query - RewardandPayroll@whsmith.co.uk.

Or you can call 01793 616161 (ask for the payroll department).


Robert Green

Hello Chloe.

I am Having problems getting in to my payroll.

Kind Regards Robert


M Green

Hello Chloe.

I am Having problems getting in to my payroll
Can you help please.

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