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The role of an EAP counsellor

EAP counsellor, John

John works as a counsellor for Ceridian’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), LifeWorks. He used to work as an engineer and, although had a good career, wasn’t fulfilled. After receiving counselling himself following a number of stressful situations, John developed a passion for it. He began counselling as a volunteer in 2000 and completed professional training over the next four years. Before joining Ceridian he practiced within GP surgeries, crisis support services, schools and community centres.

We asked John some questions about his role as a counsellor for LifeWorks.

What does an EAP counsellor do?

Most of my time is spent on answering calls and processing cases. I take a diversity of incoming calls from people who could be facing work stress, family issues, bereavement, trauma and major health concerns or more complex situations with multiple issues.

The support we offer varies. I could provide immediate assistance over the phone, suggest a caller receives short-term counselling or refer them to another service if that’s the best option. For example I could speak to someone with a straight forward enquiry which is directed to our online resource, LifeWorks Online, or I could provide immediate emergency support for someone in a crisis situation.

A lot of my role is around managing stressors and helping people work out a better way of coping.

What do you enjoy most about working in the LifeWorks team?

I like that we make a positive difference to someone’s life. Making that first call to the LifeWorks EAP often brings massive relief because we help individuals to realise that it’s normal to struggle with difficulties.

Often users of the programme that call in just need support to be able to cope better and realise they’re not on their own. These days people don’t get this service through their GP’s or they have to wait months for a referral and I like that we can offer immediate assistance.

All of the team makes a difference because we help the people who talk to us. I’ve worked as a manager, I’ve worked in industry and I bring a lot of experience. Managers can call in for support with their role, even just as a sounding board to help them decide the right thing to do. We’re a great team and we work hard for the sake of everyone who calls in.

To find out more about the counselling options Ceridian’s EAP offers, call us on 0800 0482 737 or request more information online.

  • 25th July 2014
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