It is the users of Ceridian’s EAP who are best able to explain the positive impact and support it offers. Here is one user’s story.

Why did you use the LifeWorks EAP service?

A couple of years ago I had five or six credit cards. When I signed up to them they were all at 0% interest. Of course, this doesn’t last and the 0% interest expired leaving me with huge debts, high interest rates and large monthly repayments. I kept juggling the repayments and wondered if I would ever get out of debt.

It was a very stressful time for me at both home and work. We didn’t have any spare money to do nice things like go out for dinner or treat the kids. As the breadwinner with a partner and three children to support I felt under pressure to perform at work.

My role was commission based and I needed to earn the extra money in order to pay the bills. With this mounting pressure, I became snappy and argumentative. I was unhappy and the stress began to affect my performance at work. I became known as ‘Mr Grumpy’ at work and at home!

To add to the situation, we were also looking to move house and we had another property on a buy to let basis. We had so much debt that we struggled to get a bank to offer us a mortgage with an interest rate we were happy with.

At work, I knew about LifeWorks so I decided to look at Lifeworks Online to see if there were any suggestions. After looking over the ‘Money’ section of the website, I gave LifeWorks a call.

How did LifeWorks help you?

I spoke immediately with a consultant who gave me advice about consolidating our credit card debt into a low interest rate loan. This would help us manage our debt and repayments and improve our credit rating. LifeWorks also suggested engaging with a mortgage broker to find us the best mortgage deals from the wider market. I acted immediately on their advice.

How would you measure the value of LifeWorks & how it helped?

When you are under so much pressure it’s difficult to think straight. Talking to a LifeWorks consultant took the pressure off one shoulder and acting on their great advice took the pressure off the other shoulder. For 18 months I had tried to cope with my money worries and it affected my family and my happiness. Speaking to LifeWorks is like the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

My recommendation is that if you have anything worrying you to give LifeWorks a call. The consultant may know of other options to try or suggest things that you haven’t considered. I’m pleased that I called and the end result is that my colleagues and family are now complaining that I’m too happy!

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