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54% of employers believe technology helps massively with pension auto-enrolment compliance

Nearly 60% believe auto enrolment will have positive effect on employee engagement

According to 54 per cent of HR, payroll and finance professionals, technology massively helps to make auto enrolment obligations easier. The findings were part of an interactive poll conducted among over 600 attendees at the 2014 Ceridian Customer Conference held at the London Hilton, Park Lane. Organised by one of the UK’s leading HCM technology and service providers, the conference was attended by representatives from a wide variety of different sectors and sized organisations.

David Woodward, chief product and innovation officer, at Ceridian UK said:

Our interactive poll showed that 54 per cent of HR, payroll and finance professionals consider that technology massively helps them fulfilling their pension auto enrolment obligations more easily while a further 39 per cent consider technology helps but the auto enrolment legislation remains a burden for them. Only four per cent believe they do not need technological support – likely to be much smaller organisations – while three per cent do not even think that technology can help. Presumably, these are those employers who are finding staging almost an insurmountable mountain.

Conference delegates were also asked if they felt auto enrolment will improve employee engagement within their organisations. Nearly 60 per cent thought it would have a positive effect, 11 per cent substantially and 48 per cent a little. While five per cent did not know, 35 per cent said no and one per cent actually thought it could actively disenfranchise employees.

David Woodward observed:

With an average of less that ten per cent of employees opting out of auto enrolment, the recent pension legislation can be judged a success with Minister for Pensions, Steve Webb remarking at our conference that young people in particular are likely to stay in. Clear communication at all stages has been central to this widespread adoption and employers have a terrific opportunity to continue engaging with their employees on this topic, even after they have staged. Technology has a clear role to play in this process and communication is a key element of our own pension auto enrolment module.

The interactive poll was conducted at the 2014 Ceridian Customer Conference on 26 February.

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