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Ceridian sponsored Aberdeen Report shows how the best companies manage employee time and attendance

Ceridian, one of the world’s leading providers of payroll and HR outsourcing services, has sponsored the Aberdeen Group’s report Time and Attendance Strategies: Beyond Compliance and Payroll Accuracy. The report builds on a previous Aberdeen study on scheduling best practices and explains how best-in-class organisations achieve remarkable results by taking an integrated approach to employee time and attendance, payroll, scheduling and leave administration in an end-to-end HR management solution.

The Aberdeen study confirms what Ceridian has heard from our customers and what we know from having worked in the HR management field for some time. Businesses that integrate time and attendance with other key HR activities not only have access to better metrics for better decision making, but enjoy superior overall performance when compared to their peers. Clearly optimal workforce management makes a difference. Nick Laird, chief commercial officer, Ceridian UK

Jayson Saba, research analyst at the Aberdeen Group, said: “While many of the organisations we surveyed have automated timekeeping solutions, few are leveraging them to their fullest potential. Our study demonstrates how top organisations use integrated time and attendance, better reporting, and employee self-service solutions to improve workforce efficiency, productivity and compliance.”

Of the 260 organisations surveyed, the report measured best-in-class performance using four key criteria.

  • A significant improvement in compliance scores (9 per cent)
  • Low payroll error rates (0.5 per cent average)
  • Low time tracking errors (0.5 per cent average)
  • Low error rate in earned time/paid time accruals (0.6 per cent average).

While nearly 60 per cent of the organisations surveyed use an automated timekeeping solution, only 20 per cent were considered best-in-class. Other key performance characteristics that separated these top companies from the others surveyed include:

  • Integrating payroll with automated timekeeping and holiday administration processes
  • The ability to make better business decisions by using analytics and reporting tools that leverage time data
  • Using self-service solutions that empower employees and managers to be more self-sufficient.

The report also found that most companies surveyed (72 per cent) cited lower pay costs as the foremost reason for improving workforce management. Other key reasons included improving workforce efficiency (51 per cent) and having better regulatory compliance (25 per cent).

For a short time, the full report can be downloaded for free by visiting the Ceridian-sponsored link at Time and Attendance Strategies: Beyond Compliance and Payroll Accuracy

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