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Ceridian choose Vebnet for their flexAbility

Vebnet is delighted to announce Ceridian, one of the largest providers of human resources services in the world, has chosen them to provide their flexible benefits package for UK and Ireland staff under the name flexAbility.

Ceridian has offered a flexible benefits package to their employees since 2004. Following the strategic partnership with Vebnet at beginning of 2009 they wanted to ensure their staff had access to the widest choice of benefits possible, along with an easy-to-use online application process.  One of Ceridian’s requirements, successfully met by Vebnet, was the technological integration of the benefits package with their HR system, Ceridian HRevolution to complement the look, feel and flexibility of the systems already in place. 


flexAbility has been tailored specifically for Ceridian employees and has three distinct areas:

  • Core Benefits including pension contributions, private medical insurance, holidays and life assurance cover
  • Flexible Benefits including PHI and dental care
  • Additional Benefits including Fitbug and cycle to work

Employees have online access to all of the benefits. During the enrolment window they can  select the level of core benefits required (i.e. pension contributions) and choose from the wide range of flexible benefits available. Total reward statements can also be viewed online by employees throughout the year, summarising the full extent of the benefits received. flexAbility is password protected and can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection.

Unlike the introduction of most flexible benefit packages, Ceridian introduced flexAbility a quarter year into the benefits cycle. Ceridian chose Vebnet because of their market-leading technology, so decided to give their employees access to it as soon as they could following their strategic partnership agreement in January. The added advantage of the mid year change was to give employees the opportunity to review and possibly update their benefits selection. flexAbility launched on 17 March and was preceded by the distribution of a rebranded brochure and a virtual training session so employees could familiarise themselves with the benefits system.

Nick Thomson, Director of SME and Alliances at Ceridian said:

“The reward strategy has always been an important element of attracting and retaining the right people. The current economic climate serves only to heighten this importance. We wanted to be able to offer our employees a range of relevant benefits, with the flexibility to tailor these to their individual need.

“Vebnet’s experience and expertise set them apart from their competitors. Their market-leading technology integrates seamlessly with out HR system, Ceridian HRevolution, giving our employees easy access to select and view their benefits online.”

Richard Morgan, Director of Consultancy at Vebnet said:

“Following our recent partnership with Ceridian we are delighted to now offer their staff our flexible benefits package. It demonstrates Ceridian’s commitment to us and the systems we offer.

“We believe a well put together benefits strategy can really drive employee engagement, so we offer a combination of core benefits and a choice of flexible options, which can be tailored to each individual. This is especially important in the current climate as it means employees can have access to different types of benefits that help ease their financial strain or something on assisting them with making employees money go further.”

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