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Ceridian launches LifeWorks EAP app – first of its kind in the UK

Ceridian, one of the UK’s leading HCM technology and service providers, has launched a LifeWorks mobile app – the first of its kind in the UK. The app compliments existing resources provided by the LifeWorks Employee Assistance Programme, connecting employees to valuable support and comprehensive resources, instantly and confidentially, 24 hours a day – to help them address personal, workplace and wellness issues while on the move.

Iain Campbell, Head of LifeWorks at Ceridian UK, said:

This is the first mobile app of its kind in the UK and follows the hugely successful launch in the USA earlier this year.

Some employees are uncomfortable requesting support services in person or over the phone. Others simply prefer the convenience of accessing resources and tools online when they need them. We have worked hard to develop a mobile app formatted for easy navigation to meet the needs of the latter employee population so they can readily access resources while on the move.

The LifeWorks mobile app ensures employees are able to access information and request the EAP services they need in a way that feels safe and comfortable for them.

LifeWorks helps employees manage personal issues at work or at home including life, health, family, work and money issues. The new app gives employees access to the following anywhere, anytime:

  • 24/7 LifeWorks consultancy telephone support;
  • Crisis management in emergency situations;
  • Staff counselling;
  • Absence management;
  • Online services.

The new app is available to LifeWorks members for download to iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones. View a short demo.

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