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Ceridian publishes whitepaper on Software as a Service

Ceridian, one of the UK’s leading HCM technology and service providers, has published a new Whitepaper entitled ‘Software as a Service – what is it and why is it offering an exciting alternative to the traditional choices of HCM solutions?’

Author, David Woodward, chief product and innovation officer, at Ceridian UK said:

In the past, organisations were restricted to one of only two major IT solutions to meet HCM and payroll needs – multiple, stand-alone solutions from different suppliers or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from a single supplier. Stitching together different systems can be costly, inefficient and problematic while monolithic, often dated ERP systems are large, complex and expensive. The new alternative, Software as a Service (SaaS), represents a new paradigm in business software. It offers many advantages over the traditional approaches at lower cost and risk while delivering increased value through a better end-user experience and adoption.

One major drawback of multiple solutions is that there is no single version of the truth. So answering basic questions like how many people do we employ becomes painful in the extreme, where the payroll system will reveal one number, the HR system a different one and so on.

The best of the new breed SaaS platforms now offer truly integrated analytics that can ‘see’ all your data and provide ways of looking and analysing this data with an ease of use unheard of in the past. More than ever before, it is vital for HR to be able to correctly interpret HR data, to draw conclusions from trends and quantify key themes to the business. Putting this power not just in the hands of the HR function but also providing business performance related dashboards in the hands of managers and employees is equally important.

The 11-page Whitepaper sets the stage by assessing multiple stand-alone solutions and ERPs before examining in detail SaaS. The main characteristics and advantages of a SaaS platform are covered including why integrated HCM SaaS-based solutions are now challenging the traditional two IT solutions.

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