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Ceridian UK launches HRevolution12 incorporating new analytics and pensions modules

Latest edition maintains leadership position in HR and payroll SaaS solutions

Ceridian UK, one of the UK’s leading HR and payroll providers, has launched HRevolution12, its HRevolution Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, incorporating over 50 new and exciting features including new Pension Auto-Enrolment and Administration and HR Analytics modules plus support for mobile computing with planned introduction of an iPhone app.

David Woodward, chief product and innovation officer, at Ceridian UK said:

HRevolution, first introduced five years ago, just gets better and better with each new improved iteration. The latest version ensures our proven world class SaaS solution remains leading edge.

In the past five years, we have taken our SaaS solution to new levels. From being at the vanguard of the HR and payroll technological revolution, HRevolution has established a robust track record with a diverse number of clients employing from 50 to 170,000 people in different sectors.

Clearly differentiating HRevolution from competitor offerings is the sheer breadth of HR modular solutions on offer from analytics through online payslips to workforce management.

HRevolution12 reinforces our leadership position for cloud, web-hosted, integrated HR and payroll solutions. It enables the HR function to do the basics better – more accurately, rapidly, efficiently and at lower cost – in order to offer the best employee service, provide strategic direction to an organisation and deliver demonstrable added value to the business.


More development time has gone into HRevolution12 than any other previous version and the result is a user experience that is unequalled in terms of ease-of-use, design elegance and simplicity. The dashboards and graphical displays have been completely re-designed to present a completely new look and feel. All information can be easily accessed from one page, underlining the seamless integration. Extremely user-friendly, HRevolution increases employee and manager adoption, with minimal training needs.

HRevolution features new improved tools to allow HR users to easily import new data directly into the system without needing support from their IT colleagues. New exciting screens allow users to visualise their organisation and employees through the use of dynamic organisation charting, location maps and explore workforce details in fun and innovative ways.

HR Analytics

Analytics is the first business intelligence tool designed specifically for HR people to use. The Analytics module transforms the way HR serves and adds value to the business. It enables HR teams to understand the drivers impacting business performance and quantifiably assess which HR initiatives are most effective at supporting business strategy. The module is pre-built with over 150 high impact HR charts, reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are meaningful and relevant to HR and senior management. Single or multiple reports, grouped together, can be presented on a dashboard with each user able to have a choice of dashboards.

There is also the option of providing access beyond the HR community, allowing senior and line managers to view dashboards, reports and KPIs relevant to their specific areas of responsibility. An easy-to-use self-service report designer designed for non-technical HR users allows rapid creation of ad-hoc and customised reports which can then be published on dashboards. Throughout, drill down facilities are available that allow underlying data and supporting measurements to be investigated.

Pension Reform Auto-Enrolment & Administration

With pension auto-enrolment for larger employers due to start on 1 October 2012, this software automatically identifies and enrols relevant employees. Critically, payroll is ideally placed to determine when an employee should be automatically enrolled into a chosen pension scheme, therefore Ceridian’s solution offers a seamlessly integrated approach between the payroll and pension auto-enrolment decisions. The software eases communication and administration while taking care of all the required activities necessary to keep companies compliant and reduce pressure on organisational resource.

In addition, Ceridian has great experience in working with its customers to design plans that are then reflected in the payroll and pension solution optimising tax and national insurance efficiency. The Pension Reform Auto-Enrolment and Administration module manages all aspects of the administration from sending automatic communication to employees to handling opt-out requests and refunds and managing the postponement periods. Manual input and clerical effort is significantly reduced and the module can manage the electronic exchange of data between Ceridian’s payroll solution and an employee’s pension provider.

iPhone App

The all-new iPhone native app will allow users to check payslips, book holidays and complete tasks while on the go.

Broad Range

HRevolution has been designed to flex with an organisation’s needs. Customers can contract for one or more modules according to their precise requirements. The scalability of the solution allows it to match the growth of a business. HRevolution modules include central HR, payroll, workforce management, recruitment, learning and development, performance management, HR analytics, pension reform auto-enrolment and administration, expense management and flexible benefits.

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