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Employee Assistance Programme Provides Video Advice in the US

Global HR solutions provider Ceridian ( http://www.ceridian.com ) recently announced that US employees of organisations providing Ceridian Employee Assistance Programme services as part of their benefits package can now access online streaming video tips on how to cope with a number of issues ranging from personal debt to depression. By simply logging onto Ceridian's website, LifeWorks Online, people can view two to three-minute streaming videos on various topics. They can view tips on how to deal with managing personal debt, depression, and many other personal and family subjects, delivered by consultants who are subject-matter experts in their respective areas of counselling. "The videos provide an excellent starting point for people to obtain information about how to best deal with issues in their life," said Jim Corcoran, President of Ceridian Benefit Services in the USA. "They provide information in a very engaging format and are fully integrated with other modes of access." Among the topics that are currently available through LifeWorks Online's new streaming video option are: • Making time to recharge your batteries • Managing worry • Recognising depression • Steps you can take to reduce your debtCeridian will continue to add to its library of streaming video, audio text and interactive support tools to meet the needs of its customers. The streaming videos can be viewed by users in one of three formats - high bandwidth, low bandwidth and text. All three versions provide the same information but in a format that works best for the individual user. Upon viewing a video, participants are encouraged to call a qualified consultant for more information. They also have easy access to additional information including thousands of articles, interactive tools, online ordering of materials and other resources. Ceridian was the first provider of fully integrated EAP, work-life and wellness services in the USA. Today, Ceridian's EAP and work-life services are used by more than 25,000 organisations worldwide of all sizes in virtually every industry.
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