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Over 100 customers enjoying the benefits of Ceridian’s active technology Pay solution

Ceridian, one of the UK’s leading HCM technology and service providers, has added 105 customers to its new cloud-based Pay solution in the first 100 working days since launch, with over 16,000 employees paid and over 86,000 payslips transacted.

Melissa Goddard, programme director, Payroll Active, at Ceridian UK said: “Surpassing the 100 milestone in the first 100 working days for customers using active technology, our cloud-based, Pay solution is a significant achievement and brings with it a wealth of benefits for our customers.

“Cloud-based Pay delivers a real-time processing model dynamically calculating as the period progresses, meaning the results always reflect the most up-to-date state of play. This enables customers to process their payroll on-demand to a schedule that suits them, deliver a more flexible and responsive service as late breaking changes can be accommodated easily and improves accuracy because results can be checked as they are processed.

“One customer has reported that the operational efficiencies gained through active technology, in combination with some other process improvements, have resulted in them being able to make headcount savings of up to 30 per cent.”

Specifically, on demand processing allows:

•data input, reconciliation and sign-off in one continuous process
•point in time visibility of payroll results enabling accurate reporting and forecasting at any point in the pay cycle
•processing of late breaking changes which in the case of leavers reduces the incidence of payments after employees have left and the resultant overhead of reclaiming monies overpaid.

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