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Samsung wins inaugural Ceridian UK ‘Customer of the Quarter’ Award

Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd has won the inaugural ‘Customer of the Quarter’ Award from Ceridian UK, one of the UK’s leading HCM technology and service providers. The award has been introduced to recognise customers who have delivered greater benefits to their employees through their HR and/or payroll service delivery, by working in partnership with Ceridian UK to leverage the Ceridian solution.

David Woodward, chief product and innovation officer, at Ceridian UK said:

This award celebrates and recognises Samsung’s strong partnership with Ceridian and its impactful payroll service delivery to Samsung’s employees. Phillip Dunckley, payroll manager, Samsung has applied his expertise and the Ceridian reporting solution to deliver efficiencies and improvements across many areas of their business. As a result of our work with Samsung, we have been able to further improve the value of reporting for our wider customer base.

Samsung has been a Ceridian customer for over 28 years, and uses Ceridian’s HR and payroll software solutions to serve over 1,200 employees. Of the calls and queries made during this year, all have been resolved well within the agreed Service Level Agreements.David Woodward, chief product and innovation officer

As part of their award, two Samsung employees, Darren Li and Phillip Dunckley, enjoyed a trip to visit Ceridian’s flagship HR Shared Service Centre in Glasgow, the largest facility of its type in the UK. Besides a conducted tour, they had the opportunity to meet and spend time with their customer service teams, have free product training, lunch with senior leaders and a city tour. During their visit, they also received their award on behalf of Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd.

On receiving the award, Darren Li, treasury, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd, commented:

It’s an honour to receive not only the ‘Customer of the Quarter’ Award, but also the very first one. Awards like this are very important, something tangible for Phil and his team to have as an achievement, to be recognised for, and to know that you are respected by your business partners.Darren Li, treasury, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd

Phillip Dunckley, payroll manager, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd said:

The support we get from Ceridian is invaluable. The two-way partnership between our two companies is just perfect for managing the payroll function. The solution we use is easy, intuitive, and does everything that Samsung needs. As a large global company that continues to grow, having products that move forward all the time, like Ceridian’s solutions do, allows us to enhance our capabilities and performance in the future.Phillip Dunckley, payroll manager, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd

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